Grievance Software



When it comes to managing and filing your Local’s grievance forms, it can very quickly become complicated and messy: that’s where RCS Union Software comes in.  Our customizable, step-by-step process makes it fast and efficient to locate your grievance information without sacrificing security and confidentiality.

When creating a new grievance, the first step is finding and inputting the member’s information. RCS makes this easy by allowing you to search by name or clock # and pulling data from your current membership list already populated in the RCS Membership Software. The two programs interface with each other, meaning that the information doesn’t have to be re-entered and automatically populates the name, address, phone, seniority date, clock, and badge # in the grievance file, saving you time and significantly cutting the keystrokes.  Also, this feature provides the steward or committee member handling the grievance the specific information they need without the need to provide them full access to the membership list.

As you continue along in the software, the next few tabs include details about the grievance and record statements. When you reach these sections, the RCS platform provides you unlimited space to give an accurate and informative account of the grievance. The software is accessible with any device that has an Internet connection, so you can even enter in information on the shop floor using a tablet – no more hard-to-read written notes or outdated carbon copies that can be easily misplaced or need to be keyed in digitally.

One of the many highlights of the software is its ability to file a single grievance that has multiple members included. This allows you to save time without having to fill out numerous forms with the same information. Similarly, various witnesses for the same grievance can be filed at one time using the grievance software. You can quickly create multiple witness statements and search through or upload them easily, so access to each one is just a few keystrokes.

Another way to save time and energy is through scanning digital copies of relevant documents.  To help keep up with all relevant paperwork, your local can upload related documents, meaning you can save any handwritten notes, photos, even videos, and have them saved into the program to always associate with the grievance. This prevents any documents from getting lost down the line, and anyone who needs to reference them has quick and easy access.

The RCS Grievance program also allows you to save your contracts online. Saving you the time it would take to rifle through paper contracts to see what article you are filing against. You can copy and paste actual articles directly into the system for reference.

When it comes time to share your files, the software can help you expedite the process, regardless of how you choose to send them. RCS Union Software gives you the option to create Grievance forms to either print or email. This allows you to share the files requested quickly to all necessary parties.

The system also saves each grievance and compiles them into a list. This is stored within the system for rapid access.  You can sort through the list by searching via name, grievance #, Clock #, Status, and, maybe most helpfully, by Article and Section.  This way you can easily reference past grievances related to the same Article or Section.

And you never have to worry about security or confidentiality because your information is password protected and stored digitally in the Cloud.  By assigning permission-based access to each individual user based on their position or role, you are in control of who can view and edit your grievance data.

If you would like to learn more about the RCS grievance software or are interested in seeing a demo of the software, you can visit us online at or call us at  (866) 727-8291.