“In the past, I have spent numerous weeks of untold grief getting the LM Report done. Now with RCS, this report is available at the press of a button.” 

– Kenny Wallace, UAW Local 588

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Over the years, changes to the LM forms have greatly increased the amount of time and effort needed to complete the reports.

“Public reporting burden for this collection of information is estimated to average 530 hours per response. For filers who have subsidiary organizations…an additional public reporting burden is estimated to average 88 hours per response.”

That’s an estimation of up to 619 hours (nearly 26 days!) of preparation. With this software package, you will turn nearly a month of preparation into mere hours.



“The RCS LM Software Package is a must for anyone who has to file the LM! You’ll be amazed how quickly this task will be completed and without all the frustrations along the way. After using this time-saving software, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!”

“Most of the time we can finish our LM-2 within a day or two with the RCS program doing most of the work for me. This feature alone is an amazing time and money saver.” 

– Peggy Thrasher, IBEW Local 2150


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Features & Benefits of RCS's LM Software:


  • Automatic LM Item number totals for Statement B-Receipts & Disbursements
  • Each account detail total makes up the LM Item number totals
  • Software’s data download will fill in the LM form
  • Each expenditure & income item is coded to the correct schedule as you go
  • Includes mandatory electronic submission rules
  • Follows the cash accounting system
  • Automatically creates a Schedule B, then distributes items to schedules
  • Schedule 11 & 12 – Disbursements to Officers & Others, downloads
    disbursements/percentage of time for each person
  • Schedule 13 – Membership Status downloads dues paying member totals – Schedule 14 – Other Receipts includes itemized by payer (over $5,000)
  • Schedule 15-19 – includes itemized by payee (over $5,000)


  • Automatic LM Item number totals for Statement B-Receipts and Disbursements
  • Each account detail total makes up the LM Item number totals
  • Number 24 – All Officers & Disbursements to Officers is recorded in total to Item 45, Statement B
  • Item 28 & 29 – Purchase of Investments and Fixed Assets
  • Item 43 – Other Receipts
  • Item 46 – Disbursements to Employees (including all employee details that
    make-up less than $10,000)
  • Item 48 – Office & Administrative Expenses – Item 50 – Benefits
  • Item 51 – Contributions, Gifts & Grants
  • Item 54 – Other Disbursements
Department of Labor’s
The Department of Labor’s website is another great resource for additional education and information about the LM documents and why they require them.