RCS LM & 990 Preparation

“We appreciate the services RCS provides with respect to year-end reporting requirements. Specifically, the LM-2 and 990 filings are filed with the assistance of the RCS staff. The satisfaction that knowing we have met these government filing requirements in a timely, accurate and expeditious fashion gives Local 12 tremendous peace of mind as well as the major cost savings to the Local.”

Paul Rickman, Financial Secretary, UAW Local 12

“RCS has made the job of financial Secretary/Treasurer a breeze– especially regarding the LM and 990 service.”

Dominic Pinto, Financial Secretary, UAW Local 6645

“The Financial Secretary job is one of most crucial positions in the union. The thought of doing your 990 and LM2 can be stressful, no need to worry just leave it up to the professionals. RCS is available to assist you at their highest level of excellence making sure that all your fiscal re- sponsibility is prepared and filed on time.”

Steven Roman, Financial Secretary, UAW Local 551

“RCS has kept us up to date and accurate on our 990 and LM filing. Their service is excellent! I recommend the service to all Local Unions.”

Gretchen McMahan, Bookkeeper, UAW Local 402 RCS

Complete Financial Services

“RCS Bookkeeping service gives me peace of mind and no worries. The people at RCS are great to work with and the work is done timely. “

Peggy Tenbrink, Financial Secretary, UAW Local 2151

“I cannot imagine keeping up with all the paper work and forms that is expected of a Financial Secretary without the help of RCS.”

Susan Schultz, Financial Secretary, UAW Local 291

“I was notified by the IRS that money was owed on taxes plus penalties – no one’s personal fault, but no one was a bookkeeper or accountant-
RCS removed a great burden from our shoulders”

Mark Masterson, Financial Secretary, UAW Local 1070

“We were behind on everything that pertains to a union’s financial commitments, my stress factor was off the scale, RCS went to work for us
and performed a small miracle.”

Dennis McGee, President/Chairman, UAWLocal 3031

RCS Financial Software

“All Unions should use RCS. The software is easy to use and completes all our hard, required forms. Thank you, RCS for what you do.”

Kaylee Turner, Bookkeeper, UAW Local 218

“RCS software & service is second to none. We have so many examples of time saving measures RCS has implemented to not only save me
time, but my Local money.”

Zach Olson, Financial Secretary, UAW Local 79

“RCS makes doing our job much easier and allows us to focus on other tasks. I sleep better knowing we use RCS.”

Janet Schneck, Bookkeeper, UAW Local 259

“I am a part time Officer receiving no time off the floor. All of my work is done at home during the evening hours. We are using RCS as our soft- ware and would not be where we are today if it had not been for RCS. There was a time that our Local was thousands of dollars in the red. RCS has been a life saver for us. Not only with the day to day business but also with the end of the year reports, i.e. LM and 990. If I need support RCS is only a phone call away.”

John Thorpe, President, UAW Local 3063

“I highly recommend RCS Union Software to anyone. I found the competition to be intimidating and now I work with confidence.”

Melody Glover, UAW Local 933

“We are machine operators and assemblers, not accountants. The RCS software is easy to use and has simplified my work as a UAW Financial Secretary.”

Bob Buller, UAW Local 434

RCS Membership/Dues Software

“…they are continually improving the software. Ken and his staff welcome any suggestions that we the daily users may find beneficial for improving our work performance.”

Joe Hribar, UAW Local 2000

RCS Grievance Processing Software

“The Grievance program, which was customized to our particular needs, is a blessing since we write anywhere from 40 to 70+ grievances a month.”

Elaine Gima, UAW Local 588

Service and Support

“We have a very long history with RCS. Their support staff is amazing and the software keeps getting easier and simpler with each new en- hancement. We are grateful to use the RCS system every day.”

Denny Owen, Financial Secretary, UAW Local 865

“RCS software & service is second to none. We have so many examples of time saving measures RCS has implemented to not only save me
time, but my Local money.”

Zach Olson, Financial Secretary, UAW Local 79

“My Local is fortunate to have RCS as a vendor. The software is so easy to use and the customer support is quick and helpful. It’s amazing how
the software handles all my IRS & Department of Labor needs with such ease. The software and support team are second to none.”

Charlie Couch, Financial Secretary, UAW Local 2075

“Your commitment to an excellent product is exceeded only by your commitment to the users of that product.”

Shep Clyman, UAW Local 2110

RCS DOL LM-2 and LM-3 Software and IRS 990 and 990EZ Software

“This report, which used to take me 2-weeks to do, now it’s done in 2-days. You have made this job much more manageable.”

Jim Theisen, UAW Local 94

“Most of the time we can finish our LM2 within a day or two with the RCS program doing most of the work for me. This feature alone is an
amazing time and money saver.”

Peggy Thrasher, IBEW Local 2150

“In the past, I have spent numerous weeks of untold grief getting the LM Report done. Now with RCS, this report is available at the press of a

Kenny Wallace, UAW Local 588